How To Recycle Flowers {Explained!}

By Rebekah Pierce

Spring is a time for renewal, and what better way to celebrate the season than by recycling flowers? Here are some tips on how to recycle flowers from your garden or local florist.

What Do You Do With Already Dead Flowers?

Most people enjoy having fresh flowers in their home, but they often don’t know what to do with the flowers once they start to die. While it may seem like a waste to throw away such beautiful creations, there are actually a number of ways to make use of already dead flowers. 

One option is to dry the flowers and use them in potpourri or as decoration in a shadow box. Another option is to press the flowers and use them in scrapbooking or card-making. 

Additionally, dead flowers can be used to make homemade candles or perfume. With a little creativity, it’s easy to find new life for already dead flowers.

How To Recycle Flowers

Just because a bouquet of flowers has begun to wilt doesn’t mean it can’t still be enjoyed. There are many ways to recycle flowers, and each one can help to add a touch of beauty to your home while keeping the environment safe and protected. 

Compost Them

Rather than throwing these old flowers away, gardeners can compost them. Composting is a process of breaking down organic matter into nutrient-rich soil. It’s a great way to recycle old flowers and turn them into something useful. Flower compost can be used to fertilize new plants or to add color and texture to your existing garden beds. Plus, it’s a great way to reduce waste and help the environment. 

Donate To An Organization That Recycles Flowers

Do you ever feel guilty when you have to throw away dead flowers? If you don’t have a compost, there’s actually a really great way to recycle your flowers and give them new life. You can donate them! 

There are organizations that will take your old flowers and repurpose them into bouquets for people in hospitals, nursing homes, or even just lonely people who could use some cheering up. 

It’s a really beautiful way to extend the life of your flowers and bring happiness to others. So next time your flowers start to wilt, don’t reach for the trash can – reach for the phonebook and find a local organization that recycles flowers. A couple of organizations that specialize in this are Bouquets of Kindness and Random Acts of Flowers. 

Repurpose Them

There are a few more options for getting rid of old flowers, too – just check out the list below of things you can make from used or dead flowers!

What We Can Make From Used Flowers

Check out these ideas for how to make something new and beautiful from used flowers.

Press Them

One option is to press the flowers between the pages of a heavy book. The flowers will flatten and dry over time, creating a unique and beautiful piece of art. 

Here’s a video with some fun ideas of things you can do with pressed flowers:

Put Them In A Shadow Box

A shadow box is a three-dimensional frame that can be used to display memorabilia. Making a shadow box is a creative way to preserve old flowers. The process is simple: first, choose a frame that is deep enough to accommodate the flowers. 

Next, arrange the flowers in the frame, taking care to place them so that they will not be crushed. Finally, close the frame and enjoy your beautiful display. A shadow box makes a lovely keepsake and a unique gift for someone special.

Hang Them Up

Dried flowers have been used for centuries to add a bit of color and life to homes. Today, you can find dried flowers hanging on the walls of many homes, providing a simple and elegant decoration. 

Drying flowers is a relatively straightforward process that anyone can do at home. 

First, choose fresh flowers that are not yet blooming. Cut the stems at an angle and place them in a vase filled with water. Then, place the vase in a cool, dark location and allow the flowers to dry for several weeks. 

Once they are thoroughly dried out, remove the flowers from the vase and arrange them on a piece of wire or string. Hang the arrangement on a wall, and enjoy your beautiful new decoration!

Make A Wreath

There are many ways to use old flowers. One way is to make a wreath. You can take flowers that are starting to wilt and glue them onto a base, such as a piece of cardboard or foam. 

Create A Room Spray

Another way to use old flowers is to create a room spray.Simply take some flowers that are past their prime and add them to a bottle of water. Then, spritz the mixture around your room for a fresh scent. 

Make Confetti Or Decorate A Present

You can also use old flowers to make confetti. Simply remove the petals from the flowers and let them dry. Once they’re dry, you can use them to decorate a present or any other item. Of course, you can  use them as confetti, too! What a fun birthday party idea. 

Make A Floral Surface Cleaner

One option is to use them to make a homemade surface cleaner. Simply combine a handful of petals with some vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and you’ll have a natural way to freshen up your countertops and tables. 

Make Flower Perfume 

Older flowers can be made into perfume. This can be done by steeping the petals in distilled water for several weeks. The resulting liquid can then be used as a light, floral fragrance.

Dry Them And Use The Petals Indefinitely 

You can also use old flower petals to simply decorate your home. You can put them in a vase or put them in a bowl on your coffee table. No matter how you use them, old flowers can still be beautiful and fragrant.

DIY Soap Or Bath Salts

You can also use old flowers to make DIY bath soap or bath salts. For these recipes, you’ll need to add the petals to melted soap or Epsom salt, then mix in your favorite essential oils. The result is a luxurious way to pamper yourself that’s also eco-friendly. 

Use Them To Decorate Envelopes Or Invitations

Another option is to use old flowers to decorate envelopes. This is a simple way to add a personal touch to letters and cards.

Make Potpourri

Another option is to make potpourri. Simply gather up the petals and leaves, and add them to a mixture of dried spices and herbs. The resulting blend will fill your home with a lovely fragrance.

Create A Candle

Finally, you can also create candles by embedding dried flowers in melted wax. These candles make beautiful gifts or decorations for your own home. So next time your flowers start to fade, don’t throw them away- recycle them!

What Are More Sustainable Alternatives To Giving Cut Flowers?

Cut flowers are a popular gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other special occasions. 

However, the process of growing and transporting flowers from field to vase is notoriously unsustainable. In fact, it takes a significant amount of water and pesticides to produce a single bouquet, and the majority of cut flowers are imported from countries with little regulation surrounding environmental impact. 

As a result, many sustainable-minded individuals are looking for alternative gifts that don’t come with such a heavy ecological footprint. Some options include potted plants, which can be reused or replaced, or locally sourced bouquets made with in-season blooms. 

Alternatively, you could forego giving a physical gift altogether and make a donation to a cause that’s important to your loved one. 

How To Dispose Of Dead Flowers

Now that you know how to recycle flowers, go forth and green your celebrations! By following these simple steps, you can reduce the impact of your floral arrangements on the environment while still enjoying beautiful blooms. 

Have we convinced you to try flower recycling? With a little effort, you can make every celebration a bit more sustainable.

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