How To Recycle Egg Cartons?

By Rebekah Pierce

Every time we throw away an empty egg carton, we’re getting rid of potential. Keeping your empty egg cartons may seem silly at first, but empty egg cartons can be incredibly versatile! Think twice before throwing out that next empty carton of eggs; you may be missing out on a great life hack – here is how to recycle egg cartons easily.

What Can I Do With Empty Egg Cartons?

Eggs are a staple in our everyday diet, so we will inevitably encounter an empty egg carton in our kitchen at some point. There are endless creative things to do with egg cartons. Empty egg cartons can enhance everyday life in genius ways. 

Egg cartons can bring new life to your home. From organizing small items to starting a new garden, using empty egg cartons will not disappoint. Read on to learn more about recycling and upcycling your egg cartons!

Repurpose Them Around the House

There is no shortage of problems you can solve with an empty egg carton. Think of all the possibilities! 

Does your laptop overheat sometimes? Placing the laptop on an empty egg carton will do just the trick. This little hack allows the air to circulate more, giving your computer a chance to cool down. 

Are you constantly shaking your condiment bottles to get every last drop? Place an empty egg carton in the fridge and flip your condiment bottles upside down. Place each condiment bottle in the egg slot, and voila! 

Gone are the days of shaking and squirting air from the condiment bottles with the bonus of them not constantly toppling down.

DIY Egg Carton Art

Are you or your loved ones a fan of creating art? Consider using empty egg cartons as a companion to your next great art project. Empty egg cartons are ideal for use as a paint palette!

Are your teenagers starting a new band? Keep the neighbors calm by using egg cartons! Putting egg cartons on the wall is a great way to absorb and reduce sounds.  

Gardening With Egg Cartons

Gardening is quickly becoming a popular hobby. If you have a garden, using paper egg cartons is a great material to add to your compost pile. You can also use an empty egg carton to start some seedlings before planting them in the ground. 

Use Egg Cartons for Storage

Storage is a great way to bring new life to those old empty egg cartons. Empty egg cartons are ideal for storing fragile Christmas ornaments safely until the following season. Use empty egg cartons to deposit loose bolts and screws from home projects and furniture. Number them for easy reassembly. 

How Do You Recycle Egg Containers?

Not all egg cartons are recyclable. The ability to recycle an egg container depends on the materials from which they are made. 

Paper cartons can go in the recycling bin. Paper egg cartons are typically made from a mixture of various materials like cardboard and wood. 

These paper materials are mixed into a pulp and molded into the desired shape. Molded pulp is less expensive for the consumer and is better for the environment. 

Plastic egg cartons are typically made from recycled plastics, to begin with. Check with your local recycling program before putting the plastic egg carton in the recyclable bin. Some recycling programs will not accept any type of plastic. 

It is safe to throw it out in the garbage if you can’t figure out what type of plastics are accepted into your local recycling program. 

Styrofoam cartons cannot be recycled, so those cartons will go in the trash. Styrofoam does not break down or degrade over time. While styrofoam cannot be recycled, you can always upcycle it and use it in creative ways. For example, a styrofoam egg carton can be used to make ice in the freezer in a pinch. 

Which Egg Cartons Are Biodegradable? 

Focusing on using biodegradable items is an eco-friendly method to an improved environment. While there are growing concerns about the planet and its health, there are small steps we can take to do our part. 

While egg cartons come in various containers including plastic and foam, a paper carton is the most eco-friendly option available. Paper egg cartons are great because they are both recyclable and biodegradable. 

Even if a paper egg carton ends up in a landfill, it will break down over time without leaving anything harmful behind. You can also use paper egg cartons to make compost for your garden. It will break down to create a rich fertilizer for the soil. 

Depending on the climate, it can take two to four weeks for the paper egg carton to break down. This is a great method for reducing waste and doing your part to help create a healthier planet. 

Can Cardboard Egg Boxes Be Recycled?

Making small changes to our everyday routines can lead to a better environment. Finding ways to reuse items we would typically throw in the garbage is a great start. 

Egg cartons made from cardboard can certainly be recycled. Before recycling, make sure the paper egg cartons are clean and dry. Always check with your local authority on what materials are accepted into the recycling program. 

Here’s a video with more details on how to recycle cardboard egg boxes:

How Do You Recycle Plastic Egg Trays?

Plastic egg trays that are made from #1 plastic can be recycled. Always check the number inside of the recycling symbol on the packaging to make sure. 

Before recycling the plastic egg tray, make sure it is clean and dry. Try not to store broken eggshells in the plastic egg carton because this may make it difficult to recycle later. 

Containers with food or liquid can contaminate an entire batch of recyclable materials. If your plastic container has any type of residue in it, it is best to throw it in the garbage. 

Final Notes

With landfills becoming increasingly full, finding new ways to use items we would typically throw away is important for our planet. With Americans eating about 270 eggs every year, upcycling empty egg cartons helps the environment. Choose paper containers over foam and plastic when possible. Perhaps you can encourage your favorite egg company to make the switch from plastic to paper containers. 

Ultimately, choose a material that your local authority is able to recycle. Making conscious decisions on how to recycle egg cartons is the first step in the journey of making the planet a better place. 

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