How To Make A Recycled Hat?

By Rebekah Pierce

Looking for a new and unique way to show your environmental awareness? Check out these instructions on how to make a recycled hat! You can use either old clothing or newspapers to create a one-of-a-kind accessory that will keep you warm all winter. So get creative and have fun with this easy project!

What Can I Make Out Of Recycled Materials For A School Project?

If you’re trying to find some fun school crafts that kids can make out of recycled materials, whether it’s to celebrate Earth Day or just because, you’ll find that you have no shortage of options.

Making recycled crafts is a great way to teach the kids about how important our planet is and the benefits of recycling. 

It doesn’t matter what you have lying around. There is almost always some way you can repurpose it in a fun craft! 

Some examples include:

  • A toilet paper roll bird feeder
  • Wind chimes made out of recycled CDS or tin cans
  • Hanging planters made out of large plastic bottles
  • Paper mache plant pots (from old food containers)
  • Yogurt cup seedling starters

…and of course, our personal favorite – a recycled hat!

How Do You Make A Hat Out Of Recycled Materials?

We’ll give you some tips on how to make a new hat out of old materials in a moment – but if you’re looking for just a quick video tutorial, you’ve got to check out this video:

If you’re going to make a hat out of recycled materials, your first step is to decide what sorts of recycled materials you’d like to use. The options are really endless, but the steps vary depending on the types of materialis you’re going to be working with.

We’ll walk you through the process below.

Making A Hat Out Of Recycled Sweaters

If you want to make a hat that you can use this winter, you might want to make a hat out of recycled sweaters (or other heavy duty garments). There are plenty of other ways you can repurpose old sweaters, too, by the way – like making blankets, pillows, or even toy dolls.

These hats are not only inexpensive to make but they’re also useful. They make fantastic gifts! Plus, it’s easy to do – following the tutorial described below should only take you about 15 to 20 minutes.

Begin by choosing a few wool or cashmere sweaters. Choose ones you no longer wear, perhaps because they shrunk in the washing machine or have holes. Just make sure they have good ribbing on the bottom, since this will form the bottom of the hat that fits to your head.

You may want to felt them in the washing machine (just wash them once) before you use them in your project. 

You can use the sleeves or the body of the sweater, depending on the size you need. You may want to use an existing hat that you have to lay it down on the sweater and cut around it, using it as a stencil.

Cut two pieces, making sure the bottom side is the ribbing. Sew both sides together, with the right side together, then trim off any slack so it fits comfortably on your head. 

You can add other decorations, like flower sew-ons or any other accessories, as you see fit. Easy as that! 

Newspaper Hat DIY

You can also make a recycled hat out of paper, such as newspaper. Work on a flat surface, ideally with clean, dry newspaper.

Fold the newspaper to make sure your creases are clean and crisp. Folding on a flat surface will help you get the air out. If you can, use a half sheet of newspaper to make your measurements a bit easier.

Use tape to fold, form, and adhere the newspaper into the shape you’d like (pro tip – you might want to try the hat on as you work with it to make sure you’re getting it into the right shape). You may want to form it into a cone, which would be a great shape for a party hat. You could even make a newspaper pirate hat by being strategic with your folding!

Feel free to get creative here. These are fun, novelty-item hats – so you don’t need to be serious while you work.

Once you’re done creating the form for the hat, you can decorate it as you see fit. COlor it, put stickers on it, add feathers or sequins – whatever floats your boat!

This is a fun craft to do with kids at a birthday party. You can set up an arts and crafts station where they can make their own hats and decorate them as they see fit.

DIY Brown Bag Recycled Hat

Another fun craft to do with kids is to make a recycled hat out of a brown bag (like a grocery bag or one you might use to carry your lunch to school).

For this craft, all you’ll need is the bag, some markers, and other craft items.

The bigger the brown bag, the better – smaller kids with smaller heads might be able to get away with lunch-style brown bags, but adults will probably need the large brown bags you get at the grocery store.

You’ll need to fold the hat edge, then add your decorations. Just make sure the hat is clean and that you’ve made it large enough to fit on your head.  

If the hat is too small when you try it on, don’t despair. Just add a bit of string or elastic to keep it on. Punch two holes in either side of the hat, then thread the string through. Voila! 

This craft will work with other kinds of materials, too, like old gift bags, plastic food tubs, or cardboard food boxes. 

Like the newspaper craft, you can style your hat in any kind of design you want – like a paper pirate hat or a party hat that’s in the shape of a cone. Have fun with it!

Recycled Fashion – Fast!

So, there you have it! A few simple tips for making a recycled hat. We hope you give them a try and have as much fun with this project as we did. 

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