Why Buy Recycled?

To keep it in the loop and out of the landfill!

When you throw that used paper or that empty plastic bottle into the recycling bin, you have completed just one of many steps in the recycling process. Those objects still need to be turned into new products and must be purchased by people in order to really close the recycling loop. The three arrows of the recycling symbol indicate a loop, or continuous cycle. By using recycled content products, you are “closing the loop,” or completing the circle.

Once the materials are collected and processed, they are sent to a buyer, or an end-market. This market takes the recyclables and processes them into the new products that end up at a store near you or an online shop. When you buy a product with recycled content, you are creating a demand for this product and ensuring that the recyclers always have somewhere to sell their materials. Reusing and recycling materials are only part of the effort needed to reduce the strain on natural resources.

Sustain local recycling collection programs by buying products that are reused, rebuilt, reconditioned, or remanufactured. Once you get into the mindset of buying recycled, you’ll experience the joy and wonder in buying stuff made out of previous stuff that was ground up and made into what you just bought.

When buying products, also make it a priority to see if they are recyclable, so after the product is no longer useful, it can be turned into something cool!

Of course not all recycling is done in factories and ends up on retail shelves. Many resourceful artists or crafters are able to close the loop themselves, by directly reusing and recycling products into something “new”, fun, and recycled! We try and feature as many of these creative recycling and reuse projects as we can and hope that you will support these creative and innovative contributions to our communities by buying some of their recycled products too. Or flex your imagination, get inspired and try out a crafty recycling project for yourself!

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