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Green Electronics: Innovative Eco USB Drives

What a concept: Save the Earth while saving your data! Ever fascinated by the ingenuity of technology and being eco-friendly at the same time, we’ve compiled some cool USB flash drives and memory sticks made from recycled materials like wine cork and paper.

Green electronics are pretty smart, and there’s a lot of novelty in something as useful and portable as a USB drive that helps contribute to recycling.

Here’s a little sampling from the web that we hope you’ll find interesting. These eco USB drives will help you carry photos, music, videos, and more right in your pocket.

This USB drive below holds 8GB and is made from a recycled wine cork. What a fine way to keep track of information after you’ve been through a few glasses of wine.


recycled gifts

The packaging for this i-Ecko USB drive is eco-friendly, and their products are made from all natural materials such as bamboo, cardboard, and hemp.


eco USB drive

Another innovation is the Pass It On For Good project for a USB drive that helps wipe personal data off your computer before you donate or recycle it. Keep an eye on updates for this endeavor here.

The makers of Smencils and Smens (super cool pencils and pens made from recycled newspaper that smell nice – read a review here) also make recycled USB drives. These memory sticks are also scented in fun gourmet scents like grapefruit, butterscotch, cola and snow cone. They’re good for the environment too! Tightly compressed layers of recycled newspapers form a rectangle that helps hold a USB circuit board. Check out Smash Drives.

The ATP EarthDrive below is designed with biodegradable materials, in this case plastic made from corn, so it can be recycled.

green electronicsIf you’re looking for a more sustainable way to promote your business instead of using plastic items, consider this USB drive casing made from recycled paper and wood and compatible with both PC and Mac.

Green Electronics

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