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Are Shipping Container Homes Really Sustainable?

Below is a guest post by Melissa Stevens, who writes articles with DIY and environmentally friendly topics. At the moment she is obsessed with eco cleaning and green ways to maintain her home. Mother of one, in her spare time she is engaged in crafting and housekeeping.

sustainable shipping container homes
Can the environmental issues of container homes be solved with new designs?

Shipping containers are primarily used to transfer all kinds of goods when they need to be shipped long distances or overseas. As they are light, portable and set up easily, they are perfect for these purposes. However as time passed and our way of living changed, containers got a new function: they are transformed into commercial and residential homes. This all happened because of limited space in urban environments, as more and more people decided to leave their small towns and came to live in bigger cities.

Shipping container homes have been popular for almost 60 years, but with the environmental problems that have been affecting humankind, the question about container shelters arose: how sustainable are they?

Are There Any Disadvantages to Shipping Container Homes?

Not so long ago, container homes were perceived as trailer homes for those less fortunate, who could not afford to live in a “real house”. Because they are fairly small, and usually consist of only one room, they are cheap. However, these constructions have become more popular even for people with higher incomes. Buying a container home might be cheap, but if you wish to design it and make more eye-pleasing, it will definitely cost you and arm and a leg. Continue Reading

DIY Projects & More with Homegrown Collective

Thanks to David Soref for this post about our affiliate partner, Homegrown Collective. Tempted to try your hand at homesteading? Maybe grow your own bean and broccoli sprouts, make echinacea and St. John’s wort tinctures, or brew up your own batch of kombucha? DIY projects like these can be fun, empowering, and economical ways of… Continue Reading