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Easy Ways To Recycle Flowers

Flower shop
Creative Commons License photo credit: lynnmwillis

Flowers are grown, given, and received for so many holidays and occasions; Besides Valentine’s Day, there are graduations and weddings, Mother’s Day, or generally being romantic or thoughtful any day. Most flower bouquets are cut flowers, which means after a week or so, you watch your beautiful bouquet start to wither and brown.

The next time you receive flowers from a special someone, they don’t have to go to waste. Instead of dumping them unceremoniously in the garbage or compost, think again. Preserve them with a little know-how or donate them to bring cheer to others. Continue Reading

Fair Trade Shopping For A Better World

Chocolate and Flowers If you are into recycling, you’re probably into other ways of thinking green and being socially conscious. Being a conscientious consumer takes many forms, from consuming less and reusing items you already have, to choosing items with less packaging to reduce waste. Not only does this save money in the long run,… Continue Reading