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Reusing Old Scrap Metal for the Bookworm

Below is a guest post by Melanie Hargrave, a wife and homemaker whose family is her pride and joy. She is a recent advocate of the green movement, and recently discovered Mac’s Traders Inc., where she now takes all of the scrap metal she doesn’t use for projects to support her obsession with literature.

Any lover of literature will recognize Ralph Waldo Emerson as one of the pioneers of the early 19th century Transcendentalist Movement. Transcendentalists believed that human nature was never better than when it was self-sufficient and independent. Henry David Thoreau, Emerson’s contemporary, took this philosophy to the extreme when he retired to live in isolation on Walden Pond. One could even say he was one of the earliest advocates of “going green.”

reusing old scrap metal Walden Pond is now, unfortunately, a tourist trap (and a lovely place to swim). But modern-day booklovers can still follow in Transcendentalist footsteps and be a little more self-sufficient and environmentally-aware with these fun ideas for reusing old scrap metal. Photo: Duane Tate


Sometimes, all a bookworm wants is another bookshelf. And to paraphrase Emerson, there is nothing so elegant as to make it yourself. It would be easy enough to run to IKEA, but if you have some scrap metal lying around, why not make it yourself? Continue Reading

Book Review: Making Bits & Pieces Mosaics

We’ve all had an “Oops” moment where we broke a vase, plate, or teapot that we loved or we knew was important to someone else. Well thanks to the useful and instructive book Making Bits & Pieces Mosaics, those accidents can be transformed into decorative keepsakes. For when you’ve fallen upon shard times… The folk… Continue Reading

Get the Recycled Gear: Back to School

In our last installment of recycled school supplies we covered pens and pencils, backpacks and notebooks. Here are some other recycled school essentials you can easily find online, in stores, or make yourself. Choosing school supplies made with recycled materials helps support recycling by closing the loop. Keep track of notes and assignments with binders… Continue Reading

16+ Fun Ways to Recycle Old Socks

Give Old Socks a Higher Purpose Every now and then, some creative ideas transcend the normal boundaries of cuteness. Projects in the book Socks Appeal really rip a seam into a new dimension of cute. Whatever you do, definitely do NOT toss your worn out socks. Instead, find all sorts of great tutorials on how to… Continue Reading

Artist Transforms Old Books, VHS and Cassette Tapes

Brian Dettmer Redefines Form And Function Brian Dettmer creates amazing sculptures by recycling old cassette tapes, VHS tapes, communication devices, books, maps and other media. Originally from Chicago, Dettmer studied at Columbia College, and his work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe. We can all relate to constantly changing technology, and… Continue Reading