Newspaper Recycling at its Finest

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10 Ways Newspaper is Recycled

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Ever hear how the most popular sections of the newspaper are weather and sports, but what about the most interesting newspaper crafts and products? Newspapers are very easy to recycle, as most cities accept them directly in a curbside bin. Newspaper makes for excellent kindling, and many people use it to line bird cages and protect floors from puppy housebreaking or fingerpainting, but those are but a paltry few of the ways that newspaper can be recycled. Stop wrapping fish and read about these other cool items made from recycled newspaper.

According to the, more than 24 billion newspapers are published each year in the U.S. With newspapers so free and plentiful, it’s great to see people take recycling newspaper to the next level and beyond.

  • Besides egg cartons and cereal boxes, Step One of newspaper recycling is to make yourself or your pet a hat! There’s tons of sites out there that instruct you how to fold newspaper into pirate or sailor hat. Choose one and have fun.
  • We mentioned in 11 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas that using the funny papers as wrapping paper adds a fun touch to gift-giving.
    recycled handbag newspaper, Newspaper Recycling

    You’ll never be bored while waiting again if you always have something to read. This tote is made of recycled newspaper. Perfect as a large purse, magazine bag or carry-on, this unique bag is sure to receive a good write-up. Each is handmade in the USA, one-of-a-kind and will vary.Recycled newspaper pens

    We’ve blogged about Smencils before, with all their recycled scented goodness. They also have pens! Also made from 100% recycled newspapers, each pen comes in a storage tube made from recyclable plastic. A good part is that the scent is guaranteed to last for two years. Now you can take a break from your essay writing and breathe in the scent of tropical fruits. Breathe out a whimsical sigh while journaling to the scent of lemonade, for example.

    recycled newspaper dog, Newspaper Recycling

    So is your dog paper trained? Even better- he never barks and is entirely made from woven recycled newspaper. Think of other conversations to strike about a paper pooch.

    recycled newspaper mirror, Newspaper Recycling

    The frame on this durable mirror is made of recycled paper, along with this entire 6-foot tall room divider! Can you imagine hand-crafting that by weaving newspapers into panels? Pretty amazing!

    Is it ironic to store newspapers in a basket made from newspapers? The basket below is made from recycled newspaper and is ideal for storing just about anything around the house:recycled newspaper basket

    • See the way designer Enrique Romero’ crafts his unique PulpLamps made from 100% recycled newspapers.
    • For a sweet table or home decor idea, check out how to make flowers from old newspaper.

    It’s true that paper cannot be recycled over and over indefinitely, like aluminum cans or other metal such as steel. Every time paper is recycled, the fibers get shorter. It’s only got 5-7 times before the fibers become too short to bond into new paper. So remember, after you are finished reading your newspaper, give it a second, third, or even fourth life. Then celebrate by throwing a party and using a recycled paper mache piñata!

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  1. I would say you can keep newspapers for moving and packing things into storage! While the ideas here are a lot more aesthetic for sure, you never know when you need a light packing material for breakables or other things that you’re putting into your attic or garage for long term storage. Newspaper is a good cheap alternative to having to buy packing paper!

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