Coolest Ways To Recycle Old Books EVER

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For the Bookish, Recycling Type

recycle old books
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Books, books, magical books. It’s true that electronic media saves paper, but there’s nothing like actually holding a book and flipping through it, and also the way an old book smells. Depending on the smell.

When it comes to recycling old books, the first thing that may come to mind is to sell it. That’s fine, as you can sometimes get a good price at your local used book store or selling it yourself online. But other times, sadly, the market price for the book is at about one penny and it’s not worth selling or keeping.

Cash4Books will buy your books from you, as in give you a shipping label for FREE and everything. It’s really neat, and a little different than the Amazon model. They typically take books published 2007 or later. So make sure that applies to a book you have.

In that case, there’s a few really cool ways to recycle old books.

This all started when my friend received a really cool gift for her birthday. It is so simple yet so cool. It’s the old hardcover from Alice in Wonderland with some hardware on the back, making a neat wall-hanging.

That lead me to looking into other places doing cool things like that. I’ve seen a few of these book journals around town and looked more into them. Ex Libris Anonymous recycles old vintage books into awesome journals. As a fan of funny, vintage books AND an avid journalist, these get two thumbs up.

Amazingly, they will also bind any book you send to them for 10 bucks and ship it back to you for FREE! Time to go rummage through those old books!

Recycle Old Books into Book Boxes

Operating out of a converted barn on Vancouver Island, Canada, this family business makes clever, handmade bookboxes. That’s right, not just books, not just boxes: bookboxes. Each is individually handcrafted and they also offer custom made bookboxes that are seriously cool. Watch their video!

Appreciate how they feature super kinky handcuffs hidden inside a book so you can have them handy on your nightstand but not feel embarrassed when you’ve got visitors. Naughty people! Just think what you could hide in an old copy of Moby Dick!

They have so many other great items on their site plus other videos that you really have to see it to believe it, and they strive to be an environmentally responsible company.

How to Recycle Old Encyclopedia Sets

Remember those huge sets of Encyclopedia Britannica long before you could Google anything? Well put those old books to good use by donating them to Reading Tree. They will accept old encyclopedias and recycle them if they are unable to find them a home overseas. As of this writing, they have bin collection programs in several U.S. cities, in Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Seattle-Tacoma. If you don’t live near one of these collection areas, contact them to see how you can help with a book drive, or as a volunteer in helping bring the program to your area. Visit for more details.

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7 Responses to Coolest Ways To Recycle Old Books EVER

  1. Hi-I am from the Pittsburgh, PA area. I have a complete collection of encyclopedia w/childrens encyclopedias from the lat “60’s. I dont want to just throw them in a land fill. Would like to have them recycled somehow. If you have and need or ideas, please contact me.
    [email protected]
    thank you and god bless
    Diane Corwin

  2. I have a full set of Encyclopedia Americana
    They are in excellent shape but sadly no one wants to flip thru them any more. Can you help me find someplace or someone
    to recycle them. I would hate to toss them away!
    Thank you so much for your help. God bless you tooTT

  3. You could always try listing them on Craigslist, the Freecycle Network, other other swapping sites and they could be given to happy new homes within a week.

  4. I have a set of encylopedias that need a good home. I live in Warrenton, VA. Any ideas?
    Please let me know asap because we are trying to get our house on the market.
    Thanks a bunch!
    [email protected]

  5. I have Britannica, Britannica medical books, world Book Encyclopedia, Funk &wagnalls newencyclopedias that need a new home

  6. I have a full set of outdated Britannica Encyclopedia. They are like new. My last updated book was 1989. I don’t want to throw them away…..libraries & book stores are not interested. Can someone make a suggestion that does not include tearing them apart.

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