Make Recycling Clothes Hangers Easy & Convenient

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Recycle hangers
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Hung up on whether you can recycle hangers? Besides donating them back to your local drycleaners or giving them away to a thrift store, there’s a lot you can do with clothes hangers instead of throwing them away. Remember that most wire hangers are made from steel, which is the #1 most recycled material in North America.

Start by contacting your nearest recycling center and see if they offer ways for recycling clothes hangers. A scrap metal dealer may even give you a little bit of extra cash for them, but you would need quite a lot of these materials for this to add up to any amount of funds.

Space Saving Tip

If you plan on recycling a large amount of hangers, a product called the Hanger Hamper helps organize your closets and avoid that tangled mess of hangers when they’re gathered in a pile. It has strap handles, holds up to 100 hangers and is collapsible so it won’t take up extra space when empty, and neatly collects hangers when you’re moving or so you can take them to a recycling center or drycleaner. Staying organized is a challenge sometimes when recycling, so check it out.

An easy idea to reuse your wire hanger over summer camping trips is to bend it into a skewer so you can roast your marshmallows for S’mores.

Beyond Wire and Plastic Hangers

You may have seen one of the millions of EcoHangers that have been distributed to participating dry cleaners around the country. EcoHangers provide companies with a way to build their business, while also being eco-friendly. They’re biodegradable shirt hangers made of 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard, and sometimes feature cut-out coupons and samples of new products. EcoHangers are supported by big brands, and they are offered to participating dry cleaners free-of-charge.

EcoFact: Macy’s department stores use nearly 300 million hangers each year, and started using matte black hangers made from recycled plastics for most apparel sold in their stores, replacing the standard clear plastic hangers that incorporate petroleum-based resins.

Cool Recycled Clothes Hangers

Recycle clothes hangersDitto clothes hangers are made from 100% post-consumer waste paper and vegetable dye inks, making them completely non-toxic and recyclable. Ditto hangers come in several sizes, and will surprisingly hold a heavy jackets, as they’re good for over 20 pounds.

Blowin’ Bubbles

Another fun way to recycle clothes hangers is to bend one as close to a circle or loop as you’re able and use it to form a giant bubble.

Use a container with watered down dishwashing liquid as your bubble solution and dip your hanger in. This fun tip is found in the book Kids Cooking (affiliate link) from the 80s, so you know it’s good. Have a little fun watching your huge bubble fly around. Thanks for reading!

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  1. These are cool solutions, but I think the best idea of all it to use hangers that stay out of the waste stream. I discovered some “super grippy” ones last fall (that’s all I remember–can’t recall the brand). They’re made in Germany from steel with a nonslip coating that is unlike anything I’ve seen before or since. They came with a 10-year warranty–they’re built to last, which is why I bought them. I’ve had some for months; they’re strong, compact and work better than any hanger I’ve tried. Doubt they’ll be in a landfill anytime soon.

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