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Why, Yes! It IS a Recycled Planter!

Below is a guest post by Josh Andrews, who enjoys writing about gardens, plants and home. Checkout his blog at

Don’t you just love it when you can keep from throwing something away? With my love of gardening, and the all-too-rare sunshine we’ve had for a couple of days, my thoughts are turning to ways in which I can get a head start on spring, and recycle planters, too. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with for recycled planters, and a few I picked up from friends.

recycled planter
An old washing machine drum lives on in the garden.

Washing Machine Drums

Forget those raised planters – try a washing machine drum! It is perfect for planting, because it has drain holes all over it, and it holds a TON of plants. Some washing machine drums are recyclable as metal or plastic, but they can live on in your garden as home to your tomato plants. The strong roots of tomatoes and corn need a strong container, and this is the perfect use for some of the remains of your old washing machine.

With some vintage washing machines it is also possible to use the whole machine! I learned this from my wife’s grandfather, who grew up during the Great Depression and never threw anything away.


In looking for creative ways to label plants in my herb garden, I came across a great idea for broken pots. I hate to throw away shards of pots, even the cheap plastic ones that shatter after a hard winter. I usually keep the shards and put them in the bottom of new pots to help with drainage. Terracotta shards often have a nice patina, and I hate waste a chance to show off patina. So, I got out my paint pens and wrote the names of each herb on the various pieces.

Placed around the base of plants, or at the end of rows, this organic touch is beautiful, and makes a great use of “trash.” Continue Reading

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