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Recycle Dog Food Bags into Tote Bags

A pair of artistic, animal loving, tennis partner buddies have come with a wonderful way to recycle dog food bags and more. On occasion, Janice and Cindy have even picked up empty feed bags found on the side of the road to make their attractive tote bags- now that’s dedication! I had a moment to chat with Janice Knocke of BarnYardBags. Handcrafted in the Atlanta, Georgia, their bags are not only fun, but they’re functional and they make you feel good about recycling and reusing.

Knocke explains, “The plastic feed bags we use are made of a mixture of plastics. Although there is a recycle number on the bottom of the bag, we were told by our local recycler that these mixed plastic bags are not recyclable at the current time. Therefore, our BarnYardBags are the last stand for these bags, before they hit the landfill.”

A browse through their online gallery of recycled totes shows bags from dog and cat food, horse and chicken feed and more.

recycle dog food bags

Mail in to Recycle Dog Food Bags

Great news: They accept donations of animal feed bags by mail. Keep in mind not all feed bags work for BarnYardBags. The feed bags must be made from a pliable, plastic material, and they need to be in pretty good shape. Wadded or wrinkled bags will not work.

Knocke continues, “And of course, the better the graphics on the bag, the more the customers love the bags. If you would like to donate bags, please contact us at our website, or message us on Facebook.

“The BarnYardBagLadies love to scour thrift stores and garage sales for repurposed items we can use in our products. On our messenger bags (and some of our totes) many of the handles are made from repurposed belts we find and garage sale and thrift stores.

“In our totes, we also use a piece of recycled cardboard in the bottom of the bags, for stability, and this piece of cardboard is covered with a repurposed fabric dinner napkin.” Most of the bags held 25-50 lbs of feed or seed, so you know they’ll be up to the challenge of toting your stuff.

recycle dog food bags

Great Holiday Gift Idea

BarnYardBags make great gifts for the holiday season, or any time of year, so keep them in mind for the animal lover you know. In case you’re wondering, their totes are easy to keep clean. Just remove the cardboard bottom, wash the fabric napkin, replace the cardboard if needed, wipe the inside of the bag with your preferred cleaner and you’re good to go.

Custom made in the U.S., recycled, artistic- what more can you ask for? Thanks for reading!

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