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2 Clever Products Help You Reuse

Every once in a while we like to do a roundup of cool recycled products we’ve come across and love share. This week, check out a new way to store food and reuse a wine bottle.

Instead of using the usual plastic cling wrap or Saran wrap, try CoverBlubber, a stretchy reusable food saver from Fusionbrands. Besides its cool name, it’s got a couple of other good things going for it.

reuse plastic wrap
Reuse plastic wrap with a handy alternative.

This alternative to plastic wrap and cling film works in the same way, by stretching to form fit over cut food, dishes and containers. You can’t put them through the dishwasher- they’re hand wash only and come in a bunch of different colors. The best part is that CoverBlubber is BPA and phthalates-free AND can be used over and over again.

Next on our coverage of cool recycled products is a neat way to reuse a wine bottle. This Rechargeable Bottle Light charges via any USB output or charger in only an hour and lasts up to 3 hours. Just place in your empty win bottle and enjoy on your countertop or patio. It’s so simple in design and enjoyable!

Reuse a wine bottle
Reuse a wine bottle by sticking a light in it.

The light is super bright LED and can be used both indoors and out. While you’re at it, check out these other great recycled gifts for the wine lover, including wine bottle platters, tea lights, a wine cork USB memory stick and more.

Purchasing recycled products helps save resources. As always, we appreciate you reading, and happy recycling!

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