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How to Recycle Your Yoga Mat

Stretch Your Recycling Knowledge

how to recycle yoga mat
Cats are naturally better at yoga, but people are better at recycling. Photo: Quinn Dombrowski

Recycle Your Mat is doing great work, providing a way to recycle your yoga mat in 2 easy steps:

1. Make sure it is clean and package it up.

2. Find a participating yoga studio near you, or mail it in.

It really doesn’t get easier than that!

To find a location to drop off your yoga mat for recycling, type in your zip code on their website. If at first you don’t find a place where you can drop off your mat, try adjusting the search radius. The default is only within 5 miles, so try searching up to 50 miles. After that point, you still have the option to mail it. If you’re able to walk, bike, or take public transit to drop off your mat, all the better!

If mailing it seems like a hassle and you cannot locate a participating yoga studio, recommend one! Tell your local studio about the program and get them to join in.

Recycle Your Mat provides support materials to studios that become recycling collection points. There are simple guidelines for the yoga mat recycling program if your studio is interested, so get on it!

Bonus info found on the Recycle Your Mat FAQ includes an earth-friendly way to clean your mat before sending it in for recycling.

Once received, they’ll email you a coupon for 20% off your next order of Manduka gear.

How to Recycle Yoga Mats…Cont’d

It’s also worth checking to see if your local recycling center also accepts yoga mats. Sometimes there will be a small recycling fee associated with drop-off. Collected mats are often used as a type of textile material by local companies to make new products like messenger bags and totes, and even laptop covers. Mats that can typically be recycled are made from plastic or rubber foam, or jute.

Yoga mat recycling represents an important step in working with local manufacturers to build local recycling markets. Recycling like this is similar to bicycle inner tubes recycling programs, where materials would otherwise be headed for the landfill. RecycleScene spotlights dozens of other National Recycling Programs to help you recycle, so explore around and check them out.

Green Guru Gear provides stylish bike and urban gear made from recycled and upcycled materials such as bike tubes, wetsuits, yoga mats, climbing ropes, tents and more. These excellent products are made in USA and help to save thousands of pounds of items from going to landfills. Browse tons of great products on their website!

Recycle old yoga mats by sending them into Green Guru Gear’s recycling program. Send in your old yoga mats (as well as old tents, bike tubes and more) by following guidelines found on their recycling page and mailing them or looking for their recycling bin at participating bike shops, outfitters, climbing gyms, surf shops and other community partners.

Recycled Yoga Mat Bags

If your yoga mat is still going strong but you need a handy bag to tote it around, buy recycled! The bag below available from Hugger Mugger made from colored strips of recycled paper:

how to recycle yoga mat bag

Find any other ways to recycle a mat? Share in the comments below.

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