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Infographic: Tips to Cool Your Home

It’s summer and the temperature is heating up, so we’ve got some tips to cool your home. Overall, space heating accounts for about five times more home energy usage than space cooling, but running fans and your A/C still adds up- It costs American homeowners some $11 billion a year to power their air conditioners. Remember that one of the easiest things you can to do reduce your energy usage and save on utility bills is make sure your cooling appliances are properly maintained.

3 Simple Tips to Cool Your Home

1. Check your owner’s manuals for the recommended maintenance. It could be as simple as quickly cleaning out the air filter for improved air flow. This simple action reduces your air conditioner’s energy consumption anywhere from 5-15%.

2. As mentioned in the infographic below, it’s wise to invest in a programmable thermostat as well. Your cost savings add up if you keep your appliances off when you’re not home (this includes fans!).

3. Energy Star rated air conditioners are up to 15% more efficient than standard models. If you’re shopping for any new appliance, look for their label shown in the bottom right corner of the infographic below.

tips to cool your home

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