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Rebuild and Recycle: Brownfield Redevelopment

Clean Up a Vacant Lot in Your Town

brownfield redevelopment
Creative reuse of already used land helps communities.

Have you ever driven by an abandoned gas station in your neighborhood, or an empty lot? This is what’s known as a brownfield- a site that is difficult to redevelop because there are pollutants or potential contamination. There are many different kinds of brownfields. Besides larger industrial plants, there are also small properties in every community that were once places like gas stations or dry cleaners. The good news is that these areas can be revitalized and once again be livable and vibrant- we just have to do some recycling first.

To make this land usable again, there may literally be millions of tons of building related construction and demolition (C&D) materials generated. With so much waste comes opportunities to recover and reuse C&D materials at brownfield redevelopment sites. Read on to find resources for your community if there’s an area you’re interested in redeveloping in a socially responsible way. Continue Reading

Incredible Company Transforms Weapons into Jewelry

From War to Peace is a uniquely American company with an incredible transformation story. They recycle copper from disarmed nuclear missile systems to create Peace Bronze used in their line of unique art and jewelry. Peace Bronze itself is recycled from missile system cabling found throughout the United States. Casting foundries for Peace Bronze are… Continue Reading

Recycling: Now In A Theater Near You

With more and more movies offered in 3D each year (over 30 major films scheduled to be released in 3D in 2011), you have probably experienced this craze for yourself. Ingeniously, theaters and 3D eyewear makers have planned the reuse/recycling of 3D glasses into the system. With well-marked bins right outside the auditorium doors, collection… Continue Reading