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Donate Old Cell Phones to Charity

Donate Cell Old Phones to Help a Soldier Call Home

donate old cell phones
Robbie and Brittany Bergquist founded Cell Phones for Soldiers, helping soldiers overseas call home and keep old phones out of landfills.

Each year more than 130 million cell phones are decommissioned. Cell Phones for Soldiers makes good use of these unwanted devices and provides a way for you to donate old cell phones. Cell Phones for Soldiers accepts any type of cell phone, and since 2004, more than 11 million cell phones have been recycled through this innovative program.

Founded by two teenagers from Massachusetts, Brittany and Robbie Bergquist, this organization recognizes the need for an affordable way for service members to call home. Cell phones are collected and sold to their recycling partner Mindful eCycling.

Revenue from recycling allows for the purchase and distribution of calling cards to soldiers. That means that old cell phones effectively transform into millions of minutes service members can use to connect back home!

Co-founder Robbie Bergquist shares, “For us, recycling unwanted cell phones is really a win-win. Not only are we supporting our military personnel overseas and veterans here at home, we are also protecting our environment by keeping unwanted cell phones out of landfills.” Cell phones contain hazardous chemicals and heavy metals which pollute the earth if placed in landfills, so your choice to donate old cell phones has lasting effects. In addition to cell phones, chargers, batteries, accessories, PDAs and pagers are also accepted.

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