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Product Review: Recycled Scented Pens

Smens: They’re scented pens, and we’ve tried out a set for the last couple weeks and are here to tell you what we think about them. Smens are made by the The Smencil Company, whose wonderful original Smencils we’ve talked about before, so this seemed like the logical step. We were given a set of…Continue Reading

3 Ways to Dispose of Light Bulbs, Plus Bonus Crafts

The first thing you need to know is that there are different types of light bulbs. In our previous post, we provided tons of info about recycling CFLs, or compact fluorescent light bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs are the old-school light bulbs many of us may still have before we switched to CFLs (the swirly coiled up…Continue Reading

Recycle Magazines Into Home Decor & More

Many curbside recycling programs accept magazines along with office paper and newspapers. Another common way to reuse magazines is clipping out pictures to create a collage image, which is usually hung up as a poster or used to decorate gifts. Those are great uses, but we’re here to take recycling magazines to the next level.…Continue Reading

A Perfect Way to Reuse & Recycle Old Globes

We love to bring you the best recycling stories from around the globe, and the handcrafted artwork of Wendy Gold is literally on top of the world. Each vintage globe is hand-cut and decoupaged before  finishing to create a sense of travel, adventure, and a message of peace. Each globe has had a prior life,…Continue Reading