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4 Ways to Upcycle an Old Door

Below is a guest post by Gregg Titon, a marketing assistant at Oakwood Doors. With years of experience working in the home improvement industry, he is passionate about new trends and styles and working them into home decor. You may have heard the word “upcycle” being used fairly regularly at the moment, but it was… Continue Reading

Recycle a Cup, and Make a Friend!

Super cute recycling project alert! We love the kind of recycling that makes you reach for some glue, scissors, and tape so we’re putting the spotlight on Waste-Not Animal kits. Each kit includes illustrated instructions on recycling plastic bottles and cups to create fun animal friends such as a hedgehog, fox, or chameleon. Each kit… Continue Reading

Product Review: Recycled Scented Pens

Smens: They’re scented pens, and we’ve tried out a set for the last couple weeks and are here to tell you what we think about them. Smens are made by the The Smencil Company, whose wonderful original Smencils we’ve talked about before, so this seemed like the logical step. We were given a set of… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Dispose of Light Bulbs, Plus Bonus Crafts

The first thing you need to know is that there are different types of light bulbs. In our previous post, we provided tons of info about recycling CFLs, or compact fluorescent light bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs are the old-school light bulbs many of us may still have before we switched to CFLs (the swirly coiled up… Continue Reading