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Home Remodel Recycling Lessons from a Demolition Contractor

Below is a guest post provided by Elder Demolition, a fully licensed and insured commercial and industrial demolition company located in Portland, Oregon, with certifications for hazardous waste handling as well as broad experience with LEED-certified green demolitions. The number 40 is significant to a demolition contractor because it represents the percentage of waste in…Continue Reading

Waste Less, Ditch Disposable Razors

We’ve covered hundreds of ways to reduce waste in your every day activities, and now we’re going to talk about disposable razors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), each year 2 billion disposable razors are thrown away. Use our recycling tips to do you part and help decrease this number. A pack of disposable…Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Precycling

Did you know that packaging makes up approximately 30% by weight and 50% by volume of the stuff we send to landfills? We’re not talking about packages that you send or receive by mail, we’re talking about daily packaging- the shrink wrap around your produce or sandwich, the excess that we immediately dispose of. This…Continue Reading