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Cool Recycled Gifts

cool recycled gifts
Creative Commons License photo credit: mysza831

This holiday season, spread some love by giving gifts made from recycled materials. Choosing recycled goods is smart because using materials again saves resources and energy. Plus, products made with recycled materials are often totally cool and unique!

Here’s a guide to some of the best earth friendly gifts this season. A small amount of your purchase through any of these links goes to us to keep the site going and continue to promote recycled products and provide recycling information.

Upcycled wetsuit sleeves for iPads and laptops (13″ , 15″, and 17″). These iPad and laptop sleeves are technically not made from recycled material, but from pre-consumer scraps left over from wetsuit production. Still, a pretty neat upcycled gift:

cool recycled gifts

These messenger bags are made from recycled rice bags. No two are exactly alike:Recycled Messenger BagsGive your dad a tie he can use every day. These wallets are made from recycled ties and suits:

A spare tire for your shoulder! These bags are made from recycled tires. The larger bag even uses real seat belts for straps:Continue Reading