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Recycle Magazines Into Home Decor & More

Many curbside recycling programs accept magazines along with office paper and newspapers. Another common way to reuse magazines is clipping out pictures to create a collage image, which is usually hung up as a poster or used to decorate gifts. Those are great uses, but we’re here to take recycling magazines to the next level. First there’s an overview of some really neat products that show how far you can go when you recycle magazines. There’s also a great selection of recycled magazine crafts for inspiration. Read and recycle onward!

Can You Recycle Magazines? Yes

Take a look at this spiffy room divider. It is actually four feet tall and handcrafted from recycled magazine pages folded and woven into panels. Makes for a good fire place size screen or set in front of a desk or table.

recycle magazines


The square mirror below is three inches thick and is over 16X16 inches- that’s a lot of recycled magazines!

recycle magazines

Recycled magazine coasters literally round out our look at ways you can recycle magazines, and cool products into which they’re recycled.

recycle magazines


By purchasing any of the products through the links above, you have supported our website as well as a waste recycling program that incorporates very clever design and upcycling of materials.

Recycled Magazine Crafts

Definitely don’t throw old magazines into the trash if they can be placed in a recycling bin or taken to a recycling center. Go beyond the bin and use the pages found within for really cool projects:

  • Gift bows. Make recycled gift bows out of old magazines! Here’s the instructions.
  • Piñatas. Torn out pages from magazines work well to decorate a homemade piñata.
  • Bowls. Continue to flex your creative crafting muscles as you create a magazine bowl.

When it comes to creatively reusing common paper items you have around your house, it doesn’t stop there. If you think recycling magazines is fun, check out the great stuff we found made with recycled newspapers.

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