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Make a Difference in 60 Minutes

Get Ready for the World’s Largest Voluntary Action

Make a note: Earth Hour 2012 is coming soon! The event takes place on March 31st at 8:30 pm. During Earth Hour, people all over the world join in to save energy and send a message. Participation spans across 130 countries and every continent. Read more about Earth Hour and watch the video below. It’s a little cheesy, but also pretty neat to see landmarks around the world going dark in support of this initiative.

Go Beyond the Hour

More than just shutting off your lights, the message of Earth Hour is to go beyond the hour and do more to conserve resources in your daily life. Small actions add up! The Earth Hour event reminds us that we are global citizens interconnected with a responsibility toward each other and the planet. Think globally- decide which lights can be switched off safely and remember to turn them off this Saturday.

View Earthhour.org’s site to find out what others are doing or plan to do to and practice other ways to reduce your impact year-round.