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6 Adorable Pine Cone Crafts!

pine cone craftsPine cone crafts are fun and easy, great for kids, and pretty much free if you’re willing to collect any from around your neighborhood. They make simple home decor, ornaments, or whatever your fancy. It’s one thing to add a pine cone to your wreath (or making a whole wreath from just pine cones), but transforming an ordinary pine cone into a cute animal is a worthwhile activity. Between googly eyes, acrylic paint, felt, pipe cleaners and construction paper, there’s plenty of pine cone crafts to be made! Use these quick ideas to make something of your own.

TIP: If you don’t live in an area where you can collect pine cones, they are available online on eBay.

Also, baby pines cones by themselves make a delightful addition to your table, strewn about after being collected from the forest floor.

The owl ornament pictured here was made by adding string and beads to a pine cone. Photo: moonlightbulb

pine cone crafts

pine cone crafts

pine cone crafts

pine cone crafts

The photos above come to us from LKinSC, Feathertouch, Art with Anat, and Bella Dia respectively.

Gain inspiration from the pine cone turkey kit below, which includes pre-packaged foam pieces and instructions. If you don’t want to purchase anything, you could just as easily fashion your own turkey feathers out of stuff found around the house such as construction paper.pine cone crafts

And of course there’s instant seasonal decor by adding glitter to pine cones to spruce them up.

Also check out Pine Cone Classics, a picture book featuring 30 additional beautiful pine cone crafts. Happy crafting!

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