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Recycling Legislation in Europe Provides a Great Example

Below is a guest post by eseprojects.co.uk, and independent UK manufacturer and supplier of storage equipment, mezzanine floors, office partitioning and steel industrial partitions.

The European Union makes recycling an international priority.

The European Union (EU) is a collection of European nations, bought together under free market agreements and political legislation. One of the key areas this international governmental organization deals with is green issues. Regulations concerning emissions and recycling are created in Brussels, and each member state is given targets for reducing the amount of waste they create and increasing the amount of materials they recycle.

Take a look at the directives that exist around the processing of waste and the kind of targets that member states across the pond have to adhere. If you work in the recycling industry, or coordinate recycling at your organization, learn how to identify waste and set goals to inform your policy decisions. Photo: Nicolas Raymond

Types of Waste

When it comes to waste production the EU have tagged a number of different areas as problematic, ranging from the types of different waste produced through to the manner in which waste is disposed. These include the following:

Batteries – These are often made from toxic materials that can cause damage to the environment and local ecosystems if disposed of as landfill waste. There are directives in place to help EU member states cut down on their consumption of batteries based on the amount produced in any country and the amount collected as specific battery waste. There are certain types of batteries that are exempt from EU regulations such as those used in miner’s helmets. Continue Reading

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Safe and Simple Smoke Detector Disposal

Smoke detectors have a limited life span according to a date specified, usually about ten years. That means even if you’re replacing its battery regularly, eventually you’ll need a new smoke alarm. Smoke detectors help you protect your household in case of a fire emergency, so when it’s time to get rid of one, remember… Continue Reading