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6 Recycled Vases for Any Occasion

When you think of a flower vase, you probably think of a shapely one made from glass. It’s true that most vases are made out of glass, but there are other cool recycled materials they are made out of too. It’s good to purchase items made from recycled materials because this saves a lot more energy than making new stuff from scratch.

If you need a handy vase to hold flowers received for Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, or any occasion, look no further. We’ll be featuring recycled vases made not only from glass, but also magazines and old fire extinguishers and more.

Both of these vases are made from recycled glass. The heart-shaped vase on the left holds a few flowers while the stylish orange vase on the right would also make a great gift.


recycled vase

recycled glass vase







The beautiful vases pictured below are made from recycled glass, and more specifically beer and wine bottles. What once held a tasty beverage will now hold a lovely flower:

Recycled glass vase

The recycled vase below is made from old magazines. It might seem unbelievable, but there’s some pretty amazing stuff out there made from weaving together pages from recycled magazines, including some stylish home decor.

You wouldn’t believe that this recycled vase is made from old car windshields:

Recycled Vases

Last but not least, these colorful vases are made from rusted fire extinguishers that were cleaned up and hand-painted. Pretty cool!

recycled vases

More Recycled Vases

Pop some tags! If you don’t want to order a “new” recycled vase online, just walk on down to your nearest thrift store. There are literally tons of old vases that people have donated that would look perfect in your space. Why pay more when there’s plenty of attractive vases available for great prices!

Remember that you can just as easily place a fresh flower in a wine bottle, as seen in this showcase of quick DIY recycling project ideas.

There’s really no limit- once you start reusing and repurposing everyday items, it’s hard to stop! Keep browsing our website to learn how to creatively recycle just about anything!

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