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Here’s $15 for Healthy Shopping

We love to highlight cool national recycling programs that let you recycle no matter where you live. Now we’ve found a program that gives you access to healthy, sustainable foods no matter where you live!

Not everyone lives near a food co-op stocked with healthy, organic natural foods. Even if you do live close to a store that has a good selection of organic or fair trade items, there’s bound to be some other brands you haven’t yet tried. The Green Polkadot Box gives you an opportunity to order some really great stuff!

In addition to healthy, non-GMO and other green criteria foods, Green Polkadot Box (GPDB) is wonderful if you have dietary needs, such as if you’re vegan or have a gluten sensitivity or if you’re looking to cut back on dairy, sugar, caffeine or anything else.

Besides food, there are also chemical-free household products for things like cleaning and laundry, as well as pet supplies, vitamins, personal care products, baby food- it’s a whole store with good things, and they’re always adding new products.

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Fair Trade Shopping For A Better World

Chocolate and Flowers If you are into recycling, you’re probably into other ways of thinking green and being socially conscious. Being a conscientious consumer takes many forms, from consuming less and reusing items you already have, to choosing items with less packaging to reduce waste. Not only does this save money in the long run,… Continue Reading