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5 Fun Recycled Gifts for Pet Lovers

We’ve found some of the best gifts for pet lovers that are also made from recycled materials. Your pet is part of your family too, and it’s super cute to include them in the holiday gift-giving fun. Even when the holidays are over, there’s still cat and doggie birthdays to think about, or condolence gifts for after a trip to the vet. Pets give you love and affection, and occasionally pee on your floor- the least you can do is give them a little gift to show you care. Even if you don’t own a pet yourself (yet or right now), these will bring a smile to the face of a proud pet owner you might know.

Recycled Gifts for Pet LoversYou guys, seriously, this is a cat scratching toy made from recycled cardboard. You need to own it, even if you don’t have a cat.

gifts for pet lovers

Next is a cat teepee made from 100% recycled cardboard. Now your cat will be able to lounge about in even more style. Hurry up because this one tends to sell out fast.

More Recycled Gifts for Pet Lovers

gifts for pet loversHere’s an all-in-one kit that provides everything you need to grow organic wheatgrass for your pet. Why, you ask? Barley grass is loaded with vitamins and calcium, which support overall wellness, and provides fiber for digestive health. Just trim the leaves as they grow and feed them by hand or sprinkled over your pet’s food.

There is also a version for a cat grass kit that grows wheat grass, which provides a number of nutrients and fiber to help with hairballs. It’s organic seeds in both cases.gifts for pet loversInspired by her firefighter husband, designer Lori Burley sparked on the idea of crafting used fire hoses into unique, recycled accessories. Rounding out our look at recycled gifts for pet lovers, her dog collar and leash pictured above are made in Colorado from the super-durable fire hose material, and reinforced with the hoses’ actual rubber lining for extra strength. When your dog pees on a fire hydrant, things come full circle.

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7 Recycled Holiday Decorations

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