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Today’s Coffee Maker, Tomorrow’s Fish Bowl

Below is a gust post by Anne Staley, an environmentalist from Camden, New Jersey, who is on a quest to making this Earth a better, brighter, cleaner place to live in one blog post at a time.

Over the years we have seen technology change in the most drastic ways. We went from VHS tapes to CDs to DVDs in a span of twenty years. Memory devices like floppy disks now seem like a distant dream. It makes you wonder where all those VCRs and DVD players went when people stopped using that equipment and started downloading from the internet instead. I can’t help but imagine a sad lonely pile of plastic just hanging out in a junkyard somewhere.

If you have similar stuff at home that you just don’t know what to do with them, here are a few ideas that will help you to transform that useless junk into something useful.

Hard Drives to Fridge Magnets

Old hard drives that don’t work anymore contain magnets that you can take out and use for many purposes. My favorite is the fridge magnet. Rip out the old magnets from your old hard drive and glue them onto something cute and voilà- you have a fridge magnet and a DIY project. Use as much scrap as you can find around the house to make something to stick on your fridge. Letters of the alphabet, numbers and pictures of animals are all items you can start with. Photo: Windell Oskay

reuse recycle washing old hard drive magnet

Clock CDs

Another cool way to recycle old CDs or DVDs is to turn them into clocks. Using the hole in center, add other scrap metal to carve out hands for the clock and fasten it to the disk. Then find scrap pieces of plastic or metal to shape into numbers and glue it on to the face of the clock. Write on it with a permanent marker if you wish, but it would be more fun to try the former. Follow this link for details on how to make the clock.

Washing Machine Lanterns

Another super cool to reuse an old washing machine is to use the drum from inside and turn it in to a gorgeous lampshade. This works wonderfully especially because of the already present holes in the washing machine drum. Follow this link to see how it works. Photo: Paul Stainthorp

reuse recycle washing machine drum

Coffee Maker Fish Bowl

And finally: the coffee maker fish bowl that grabbed your attention in the first place. An old coffee machine that doesn’t work may seem like it isn’t good for anything, but this is where you are wrong. The Mosby family came up with the most incredible idea; they gave the coffee pot a thorough scrub, threw in some pebbles and water plants and bought a fish! Read more.

Sometimes however, one is clean out of ideas and you don’t know what to do with all the scrap hanging around the house. And you are right- sometimes there isn’t much you can do with certain items. So, the best thing to do it is to throw it away properly. There are companies that are happy to buy your scrap metal and recycle it.

More Inspiration

A young lady from Richmond, Virginia, wrote to me recently after reading my blog. She’s done several recycling projects with the kids she babysits with, making little pencil stands, coasters, photo frames out of scrap material that was lying around. The scrap that she couldn’t recycle herself gets thrown into the local recycling system. She’s even started a neighborhood recycling club. Once every two months club members scout the area for soda cans and bottle lids and sell them at a local Sims Metal Management recycling facility. Neighbors who want to help keep their household collection for them. They’re doing all they can to save the planet and save money for a college education!

There are plenty of cool ideas out there. So don’t hesitate to use the search bar on RecycleScene.com for more interesting recycling ideas. And let us know what you do to conserve our earth’s resources. Start now!

5 Amazing Ways to Reuse Old Cables and Cords

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