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A Rounded Look at Fun Spoon Art

Time for a spoonful of recycled spoon art! From whimsical sea creatures to kooky headwear or interesting antique jewelry, spoons are easily elevated from mundane kitchen drawer utensils to creative and thoughtful repurposed spoon art. In addition to the great spoon art above, see other creations by ForkedUpArt, including an innovative iPhone stand. One great thing…Continue Reading

What’s With Those Little Stickers on Fruit?

We recently received an email asking what’s with those little stickers on fruit and if they can be recycled. Good question! Next time you’re choosing the ripest cantaloupe or shiniest apple, realize that those stickers are small, but they’re important. Those stickers help you tell the difference between brands and farmers. They also help the…Continue Reading

25 Awesome Paper Folding Crafts

You’re probably familiar with the classic origami crane, but the book Trash Origami takes the art of paper folding to a new level. The front cover says it best: Don’t throw it out- fold it up! You’ll learn that everyday materials have some serious folding potential. Paper folding crafts presented in Trash Origami include designs…Continue Reading

Beautiful Paintings Made From Rescued House Paint

Cassandra Tondro creates colorful abstract paintings using leftover house paint that she rescues from recycling centers in the Los Angeles area. Paint that would otherwise go to waste is instead artfully put to use as a green art medium. A full-time working artist since 2001, Tondro cites that the values she adopted during the 1960s…Continue Reading