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Smooth Ride: 100% Recycled Aluminum Bikes

recycled bikes
ReCycle Cycles incorporate innovative designs on their mission to reduce reuse and recycle.

ReCycle Cycles is raising the handlebar when it comes to sustainable design. Along with thoughtful, stylish designs and a smooth ride, the aluminum for their bike frames is sourced from a local smelter and is 100% recycled.

Founder Bryce Edmonds shares some words of wisdom below about sustainable production and why riding his bikes is so much fun.

Edmonds grew up on the East Coast of the United States, and was old enough to have experienced recycling as a way of life there, while many places had no concept of its necessity. “It’s crowded on the East Coast. There weren’t (and aren’t) a lot of places to put our ‘garbage,’ so recycling was mandatory from way back. So to me, recycling is something you do out of necessity, but it’s also something I do personally because I’ve traveled the world and seen what happens when we worship progress without sight of the damages that come on the other side of that coin.”

To work towards this end, besides using 100% recycled aluminum, their recycled bikes do not include a seat tube, which reduces the amount of material needed to make the frame.Continue Reading

Quick Tips to Recycle License Plates

License plates are made from metal, usually aluminum, tin or steel depending on how old they are and the state that they’re from. Today, most plates are made of light aluminum laminated with a reflective coating. This makes recycling easy because scrap metal recyclers all around will be happy to take license plates off yourContinue Reading