8 Cute & Creative Ideas for What To Do with Old Picture Frames

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If you’ve ever wondered what to do with old picture frames, we’ve got some great ideas for you. If you practice reduce reuse recycle, now’s the time to add in rework, renew, revamp, and remake to your repertoire. Both cute and creative, these project ideas help you get into a recycling frame of mind with 8 creative ways to reuse old picture frames. If you don’t have any lying around, it seems that old frames are a dime a dozen at thrift stores and very easy to find.

Jewelry Holder

No matter what size your frame, add wire, ribbon, fabric, window netting or screen material like the example in the photo below to turn an old picture frame into a jewelry holder. Not only is it a cool way to display your jewelry, but it also makes it super easy to grab the pair of earrings you want without having to untangle a big mess.

DIY Jewelry holder from old picture frame

Screen material is found easily at hardware stores and comes in a large roll and with many color choices to mix and match the colors found in your picture frame. Simply use a staple gun to stick the screen material onto the back of the frame.

Chalk Board

A little chalk board paint and some recycled chalk and you’ve turned an old photo frame into a beautifully framed message board.

Make photo frames into chalk boards

Hot Plate/Pot Trivet or Coasters

Corks are the key to turning old photo frames into decorative tableware. Corks and mini frames can also be used to make coasters. Class up your table while you protect it from heat and glass rings. Keep your creative binge going- Don’t forget to see the other ways to recycle cork.

Make a DIY cork trivet or hot plate from old photo frames

Message Board

Wire, clothes pins, or chicken wire all transform old picture frames into message boards, where you can easily pin and attach messages, photos, and trinkets you love.

what to do with old picture frames

Accessory Holder

Repurposing an old frame into an accessory holder is a perfect recycling project idea for kids. Not only will your frame accessory holder keep bows, barrettes, and accessories easy to find, it is also great to look at. For a different feel, try tacking up Dad’s old, unwanted neckties instead of ribbons to make the holder base.

DIY Herb Dryer

Take your frames outside and reinvent them into an easy-to-make a simple, multilevel herb dryer.

Wall Organizer

These frames display how organized you are, cut down on cluttered drawer space and add a unique touch to any home office. DIY photo frame wall organizers are perfect for a sewing or craft room too. Now that you know what to do with old picture frames, get to it!

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