5 Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

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That is NOT just an empty toilet paper roll- It is a whole new project waiting to happen! Toilet paper roll crafts are so easy to do, and are a great way to recycle cardboard paper. You’re essentially adding materials such as pipe cleaner or construction paper to the empty toilet paper roll for a fun new look.

toilet paper roll crafts
Toilet paper roll crafts are fun and easy.

You don’t have to keep the cardboard color either- grab a marker or acrylic paints and color it purple to make this cool-looking octopus.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Using Scissors

Now we’re really on a roll. Another spin on toilet paper roll crafts is artfully cutting into the roll using scissors or the blade of an X-Acto knife.

toilet paper roll crafts
Use your creativity to cut designs into empty toilet paper rolls.

Photos: greaterumbrage, jessicareeder

International Artists

For a look at some truly amazing toilet paper roll crafts that take art to the next level, check out French artist Anastassia Elias. Elias meticulously adds  paper cutouts using tweezers to depict whimsical landscapes, cities, everyday chores and activities.

Japanese artist Yuken Teruya also depicts beautiful branches and a forest in his toilet paper roll series. Who would have thought the humble toilet paper roll would provide such a versatile medium?

TIP: Place a small recycling bin in your bathroom to make it easier to recycle.

And, for your viewing pleasure, this adorable 2-minute video from Émilie Nicolas that proves you can anthropomorphize anything. Featuring animated toilet paper rolls, it’s is a must-see:

Remember that toilet paper rolls can be recycled with your paper in the regular bin because they’re just paper.

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