Simple & Easy Ideas for Recycled Birdhouses

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More than 50 different North American birds will use a built birdhouse, and birdhouses made from recycled materials are simple and easy to make. You may see an old plastic coffee container, but we see a “new” home for our feathered friends. Recycled birdhouses are made from common everyday materials such as salvaged wood, plastic containers, a hollowed out gourd, or even old oil cans.

The birdhouse below is courtesy of Tobyotter, who screwed a coffee container to a fence after adding a few drainage holes in the handle. Remember that correct drainage will help keep the nest dry.

The perch is made from a roasting skewer. Brilliant!

recycled birdhouses
Recycled birdhouses can be as simple as you want them to be.

Gourd birdhouses are another attractive addition to your yard. Decorate your gourd birdhouse with acrylic paint and apply a sealant so it can withstand being outside in the elements. Photo: Urban Hippie Love

recycled birdhouses
This recycled birdhouse is made from a gourd.

Combine salvaged wood and metal with a recycled birdhouse that has old license plates for a roof. Photo: romp

recycled birdhouses
Old license plates form the roofs of these recycled birdhouses.

The recycled oil can birdhouse below is also pretty crafty!

TIP: When it comes to building bird houses, one size does not necessarily fit all. When trying to determine birdhouse hole size, keep in mind for example that Bluebirds and House Wrens have different size requirements. Check out these excellent size specifications from Wild Bird Watching.

recycled birdhouses

If DIY Is Not Your Thing

Buy a kit. If you don’t feel like making a recycled birdhouse yourself, there are good quality ones available online. The birdhouse kit below includes everything you need.

recycled birdhouse

Just like our article on recycled plastic outdoor furniture, the benefits of a recycled plastic birdhouse are that it will not crack, peel, chip, rot or warp. The birdhouse pictured below is approved by the North American Bluebird Society and made in the USA from over 90% recycled plastics. Available online.recycled birdhouses

Making a recycled birdhouse is a rewarding activity for kids and adults alike. Whichever recycled material you choose, it’s possible to get birds to nest in any bird house you build, and they make great gifts.

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