Wind Chimes Make Recycling a Breeze!

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Recycled Wind Chimes

Recycled glass bottle wind chimeSpruce up your porch or patio and enjoy the sweet sound of recycling in the breeze. Wind chimes are a great recycled project idea because almost anything can become a unique wind creation, and all you need is a little twine or fishing line.

A great example comes from SpoonMan Creations, who frequents the Saturday Market in Portland, Oregon. Old flatware is recycled into imaginative wind chimes in the shapes of birds, bugs, and other animals. While you may see an old spoon or fork, SpoonMan Creations sees a fish or squid. Check out his website for an incredible array of creative wind chimes lovingly handcrafted from reclaimed materials.

Glass bottles are sliced, polished and attached to a drift wood base to become these beautiful wind chimes, also made in the USA.

DIY Wind Chimes

Recycled hard drive wind chime
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: oskay

The wind chime pictured on the left is made from an old hard drive, and find these instructions for it in case you have a desire to go poking around inside an old computer yourself.

Other materials to consider when designing your custom recycled wind chime are: bottle caps, CDs, kitchen utensils and flatware, paint cans, beads, buttons, can lins, soda pop tabs.

Recycled wind chime projects for kidsMaking a wind chime is  a great creative project for kids. Pick up a copy of the book Wind Chimes and Whirligigs,  which will inspire kids ages 8 and up to reuse and recycle in order to make fun, functional wind art.

Have the chime of your life!


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