5 Fun Recycled Sweater Projects

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Give your old sweaters a new life! Wool from old sweaters is very useful for fun craft projects. With their bright colors and soft textures, think of your old sweaters as the perfect source for crafting materials. If you prefer to keep your old sweaters in tact, used ones are easy to find at thrift stores and garage sales.

Incidentally, any handcrafted item makes a great recycled gift! Whether you make something practical, decorative or both, these ideas will help you share a little recycled love. Stay inspired to always reuse and recycle with craft projects and more by browsing through project ideas by RecycleScene.

Continue to be inspired by the fun recycled sweater projects in the captivating book The Sweater Chop Shop: Sewing One-of-a-Kind Creations from Recycled Sweaters.

Recycled Sweater Projects

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Recycled Sweater Projects

recycled sweater projects

This soft stuffed moose head above is made by hand by Josh Title in Toronto, Canada. To make it doubly sustainable, it is mounted on a plaque of Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood. Use this as an idea along with a template found online to make stuffed animals from old sweaters.
recycled sweater projectsNote how the panels in this recycled sweater skirt are repeated twice around, showcasing a number of different reclaimed sweaters. The skirt comes to us from Sandy Martin of Michigan, who founded an apparel company based on honesty, environmental awareness and high-quality products made in the USA. The waistband is made from upcycled excess 100% cotton tee shirt material.

Continuing our exploration of recycled sweater projects, making a bag is a great idea to use a wool sweater that has accidentally been placed in the dryer. If your sweater has a high content of wool, use a technique called felting to make new bags from old sweaters, as well as hats, socks, or any other home accessory you can think of.

By cutting off the sleeves of old sweaters, you’re already halfway to a cute puppet, or even a little chicken like the ones below by artist Karen Morris. Morris’ process starts with a high-quality wool sweater. She cleans it, felts it, and begins to hand-cut and sew. Before long, that previously-unwanted sweater becomes mittens, scarves, warm winter hats, holiday wreaths, or anything else you can imagine. It is a 100% environmentally-friendly process, because every piece of wool she cuts goes into one of her creations.

recycled sweater projects

Mittens are one of the easiest items to make from old sweaters. All you need to do is find the correct pattern and sizing and cut up your sweater. The cute mittens below offer a great example of the varied patterns you achieve when you use old sweaters for your crafting material.

recycled sweater projects

If you don’t want to purchase recycled mittens, learn how to make mittens from old sweaters for yourself with a step-by-step guide.

Each recycled sweater project is one-of-a-kind, so get crafting!

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