Get Creative with Pine Needle Crafts

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Pine needles may seem like a nuisance when they’re falling off your Christmas tree, but there are some really neat things you can make using them. You may step over them on your walk through the park, but next time take care to see if you might be able to collect some fragrant pine needles to make your own pine needle crafts.

The book Pine Needle Basketry takes you through the steps to create your own pine needle baskets and provides tons of pictures and diagrams. The surprisingly simple technique involves wrapping needles around a center. Choose from over 40 projects that refer to general techniques with clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

pine needle crafts

Below are some finished pine needle baskets to start you thinking on your own design. Bear in mind it is recommended to start with a practice project before attempting a more advanced pine needle crafts and baskets. You may not have thought about it until now, but classes may be available in your area to help supplement ideas covered in the book.

Even if you come from a family of basket weavers, you’re sure to pick up some useful skills and be on your way to beautiful pine needle baskets!

pine needle crafts

Adding beads to a pine needle basket, as shown in the picture below, gives it another textured look.

pine needle crafts

Special sections in the book Pine Needle Basketry will guide you through gathering and storing your pine needles and other materials you need, as well as making lids and handles as shown in the basket below:

pine needle crafts

Once again, a simple look at the forest floor will give you the raw materials needed. For other crafts made from natural materials, check out our recycling project ideas tab and read about pine cone crafts and amazing art made from leaves. Happy crafting!

Photos: MountainMade WV Handmade Art, Wicker Paradise, Alby Headrick

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