Colorful and Creative Perpetual Calendars

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A new year means a need for a new calendar. While it is easy to recycle calendars, as they are quite useful for crafting, this year consider getting a calendar that never needs to be replaced! Year after year, perpetual calendars are rearranged again and again matching up months, days and years so that they’re never out of date!

Most perpetual calendars are simple, and are often designed with elegant constructions perfect for minimalists and office desktops. Practice Reuse! Take a look at a few of the colorful, functional calendars below for years and years of inspiration.perpetual calendarsBrightly colored blocks make this a fun and highly visible perpetual calendar.

For a similar feel with a more natural look, check out this perpetual calendar made from wood.

wooden perpetual calendar- recycle every year

For the person that likes to play at work, this very interactive perpetual puzzle calendar will keep you sharp and looking for new, clever ways to build it up every month.

puzzle perpetual calendar recycle every year

Make Your Own Calendars

There are also many different ways to make your own perpetual calendar from recycled materials. Made from found materials and magnets, quickly transform a magnetic board into a perpetual calendar that is unique to you based on the materials you choose. You could even use magnets to transform your freezer or refrigerator door into a perpetual calendar!

If you prefer to be able to jot down notes, then take a look at this fantastic perpetual calendar made with magnets on an old cookie sheet.

Here’s a neat and easy perpetual calendar made with old post cards and index cards. Dates like birthdays and anniversaries cycle around and around as you use it each year, and you can also jot down appointment dates as well as easily take a look at what you were doing on that day each year you used the calendar.

Reduce Reuse Recycle: The best part about a perpetual calendar is that you’ll reuse it next year too- a great way to start a new year with recycling!

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