Go Fly A Recycled Kite

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Where There Is a Wind, There’s A Way

recycled kite
Creative Commons License photo credit: Aidan Jones

All throughout the year, wherever you find a good breeze and open space, you will find kite enthusiasts and kite festivals. From simple diamonds to fantastic creature kites, even high speed stunt kites- be sure to keep your eyes on the sky for some high flying fun.

Make a simple kite at home using recycled materials. Be creative with stuff you have lying around the house already or things you might have thrown away. Take a look at these amazing kites made from plastic bags, paper grocery bags, and even old candy wrappers!

Here’s an easy tutorial to make a recycled kite using plastic bags and bamboo skewers.

If you think plastic bags can’t make a fun and elegant kite, take a look at this fantastic recycled creation displayed at the Art in the Sky event put on by the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in upstate New York.

Paper is also a great material that can be recycled into a kite, whether you use a paper grocery bag, newspaper, or whatever cool paper you have on hand.

If you want to take your kite building to the next level, you can find designs and instructions for different types of kites. Try to use recycled materials like broken umbrellas or beyond repair camping tents.

If you’re not feeling up to the challenge of assembling it yourself, take a look at TerraCycle’s recycled kite made from M&M’s wrappers. Sweet! Find out what else can be made from recycled candy wrappers.

kites made with recycled materials
photo credit: D.H. Parks

Be sure to check out the next kite festival near you. Maybe you can even show off your home made recycled kite!


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