Make Recycling Fun with Earth Day Projects

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Earth Day Projects & Activities

Earth Day projects
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We’re used to throwing materials to be recycled in boxes and blue bins, and that is a great way to live the reduce, reuse and recycle mantra. Of course adding creativity into the mix makes things even better. There’s simplicity in reusing and creating as a daily practice that’s important to keep sight of. Especially in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, here’s a round up of some of our favorite creative Earth Day projects.

Recycling project ideas don’t have to be overly complex, and are great for kids too. It’s as simple as this: If you want to help the planet and conserve resources, start by looking at what’s already around your house.

A full 75% of what is thrown away is perfectly recyclable. Let’s bring that number down!

Just grow with it. Seed starting pots are made from the most imaginative materials. Just a little bottle cap with a seedling serves as a reminder to take pleasure in the little things in life.

Accessorize your pet. Making a recycled hat for your pet is the best deal ever- you even get to eat ice cream beforehand to be able to reuse the carton! A little hot glue and some felt and your little fuzzy friend will be adorned with a creative recycled fez.

Hold a trashion show. There’s nothing like seeing people in crazy outfits made from old coffee wrappers or foil. We share tons of tips for a successful trashion show.

Bin monsters. Sorting the recycling can be fun too- if you make a game of it. Bin monsters and puppets are very easy to create by adding a face around your recycling receptacle, accentuating the opening to the container as its mouth. See a fun example here to get a start on your own ideas.

Rock out. Repurposing a washboard is one thing, but recycled musical instruments are formed from plenty of items salvaged from landfills. Examples include a gas-can guitar, a milk-urn bass, trash can drums, empty water jugs, barrels, and brooms. Talk about a distinct sound!

Precycle. One of our favorite Earth Day projects as well as an every day practice. Make lunches less wasteful by bringing a container and reusing it. Cut down on packaging waste and see tips on choosing reusable straws.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt. We’ve put together a great sample list to have a great recycling scavenger hunt, complete with ways to even earn extra cash while you’re on it.

Get creative. Use these other Recycling Projects in Under 5 Minutes, in what we refer to as Recycling Quickies.

These 3R practices don’t have to stop at home. Check out our 39 Ways to Recycle at School for more inspiration.

Happy Earth Day!

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