Celebrate with Recycled and Biodegradable Confetti

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biodegradable confettiAs you’re popping open a bottle of champagne to ring in the New Year, or for other special occasions such as weddings and birthdays, you might have the urge to  throw some confetti. Avid recyclers know how easy it is to simply shred paper and make your own, but here are a few more tips for making festive, recycled confetti.

If you have extra time on your hands, or want to arrange a laid-back social activity, sit around a table and make your own confetti using specially shaped hole punchers. This adds a creative touch to simply sending some paper through a paper shredder, and is kinda fun. This Paper Punch Set of 40 different shapes is a good start.

Kids will love this activity if it’s raining outside and they can’t go out and play. Paper confetti in cute, unexpected shapes also looks great spread out on the table at a New Year’s celebration.

For the socially conscious, making your own confetti beats purchasing imported goods. Make your party a little greener by using paper instead of foil-based confetti, as wood and other plant-based fibers used in paper are biodegradable. For nicely scented confetti, add in dried lavender or rose petals.

Make Your Own Confetti

biodegradable confetti
Make your own paper confetti with specially shaped hole punchers.

Confetti eggs are also a fun craft project. Thought to bring luck and good fortune, confetti eggs, also known as Cascarones, are colorful egg shells filled with confetti. Some believe that Marco Polo originally brought them from Asia and eventually to Spain and then Mexico. Use this handy tutorial to make your own confetti eggs. To play a practical joke on someone, hide a confetti egg from them, then sneak up and quickly break it over their head for a confetti shower.

If you want to buy them instead of making them yourself, these confetti eggs are handmade and filled with biodegradable multicolored paper. They make for excellent party favors, and custom color combinations are available.

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