8 Simple Ways to Save Money

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Why Go Green

Readers of this blog are already well-aware about the advantages of a green lifestyle. We’ve covered dozens of practical ways that recycling saves money, whether you’re at home, school or work. Now it’s time to take a look at this great infographic that illustrates cost-effective practices that anyone can do, especially if you’re answering the question: Why go green?

Talk about simple ways to save money- switching out your light bulbs, getting a low-flow shower head, using rechargeable batteries…the list goes on. Three simple words to keep in mind with the economics of going green: Break even point. This infographic mentions the break even point in regards to small items like batteries, but the same concept applies to larger investments such as renewable energy installations. This means that you might be shelling out some money first and deal with up front costs, but over time (weeks or even years) you will see savings on your utility bills and everyday spending. Eventually you make up the amount that you spent. It just makes sense to reduce reuse and recycle!

Look for the green bubbles below to see different cost savings:

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why go green simple ways to save money
Via: Reusable Bags

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