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Online Recycle Swap Program Pairs Recyclers With Materials

UPDATE: As of Feb 2014, ecycler is no longer in business. It used to be that:

Say you have a pile of aluminum cans that you don’t want to send uselessly to a landfill, you like helping others in your community and you don’t feel like going to a recycling facility yourself. Good news! There is a MUCH better way to recycle your cans (or bottles, or newspapers) besides knocking on your neighbors’ doors and asking if they want money for your recyclables:, where you can:

  • List your recyclables for people to take away for free.
  • Browse for recyclables to pick up for free and redeem for cash.

recycle newspaperThat’s right, free. What’s more, not everyone has curbside recycling services in their area, so in order to recycle, they always have to take trips to their collection center. Instead, take advantage of ecycler, which creates a new way to recycle by connecting people with standard recyclables, like cans, bottles and newspapers, with those wishing to collect them. On ecycler, you can be a discarder or a collector. Discarders are those who give away recyclables and the collectors are those who pick them up from a business or house and then sell them to their local recycling center.

ecyclerAccording to ecycler founder Timothy Laurent, “Our home office is in Illinois, so we’ve been able to garner a lot of support in our area for ecycler. Otherwise, the bottle bill states [states like CA or MI that have container deposit laws] have grown nicely on”

Once you register on your own behalf or that of your group or business as a discarder, you’ll be connected with a collector in your area who picks up your materials. You never know who you may help out- a Girl Scout troop saving for camp or a some other community cause. Discarders can even track their carbon credits! ecycler encourages people to discard their recyclables for free, but discarders can request a portion of the proceeds from the collector.

If you want to be the collector, register and ecycler connects you with the materials you need to earn cash. In this way, ecycler provides some neat entrepreneurship opportunities. Anyone who has access to the internet can become an ecycler collector and establish an ecycler recycling program in their city. Collectors can even download marketing posters and then put them in prominent locales. The same marketing materials used by individual collectors are available to community groups such as the Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, religious groups, social clubs, etc.

In line with other social networks and interactive sites, ecycler provides a way to provide feedback on your experiences with collectors and discarders to rate their service reliability. This kind of accountability is helpful when dealing with someone you may not know. Collector accounts include a customizable profile page, where you can also opt to keep track of what and how much you have recycled.

Find Recyclers Near You

As of the time of this writing, recycling through ecycler is available in the U.S. and Canada. When you go to choose your state, you may notice that you have to choose whether you are in bottle bill state or not. There are only ten bottle bill states, or states with legislation that requires a cash deposit on beverage containers. For more information, check out RecycleScene’s post on glass recycling and

There’s more to come in 2011 too. Laurent explains, “We will take a bifurcated approach to growing ecycler in 2011. First, through increasing the types of recyclables available through the giveaway functionality. For example, adding items such as corks, appliance and scrap pickup. Second, to increase the number of registrations of businesses and institutions.”

Addressing concerns about the environmental impact of driving cars to pick up and drop off recyclables, Laurent continues, “My favorite will be an expansion to the carbon-offset calculations that discarders will see when they giveaway material via ecycler.”

There are all kinds of folks, from fundraisers wanting to raise money for a class, to full-fledged recycling businesses- check out ecycler today to join up and make a difference in your community!

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