The First R is Reduce

Reducing the amount you consume and the waste that you generate is often considered the most sustainable option. When you practice reduce, you use less energy and materials, and as a consequence, less stuff needs to be manufactured. This reduces the need for recycling, but also for packaging, transportation, cleaning, disposal, and a bunch other costs. We love recycling and find hundreds of ways to help you learn how to recycle, but learning how to reduce is just as important if not more.

Be sure to watch the short video below, then head on over to our section on Reduce for practical tips on how to save money, energy and waste less at home, school and work. Topics include simple actions that could cut our nation’s electricity bill by more than $1 billion per year, and easy ways to lower your utility bills. And, once you’re done exploring that, learn about the lesser known R’s, such as Repair, Refuse, Refurbish and Rethink.

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