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You may already bring your household cans and bottles to be redeemed for cash at a recycling center. This guide takes you to the next level of making money from recycling and beyond.

Many schools, communities, organizations, sports teams- just about anyone- has looked for fundraisers that incorporate something fun and interactive to motivate people and earn extra money.

Recycling Makes Cents’s Fundraiser Encyclopedia is densely packed with tons of resources for earning money from recycling. Use it to get the most from your recycling fundraiser and explore profitable ways to make money that benefit the environment.

Learn about fundraising where there is NO SELLING. None of the usual order forms, going door-to-door, or tabling in front of stores is necessary.

What Does the Fundraiser Encyclopedia Include?

The search for fundraisers is a little overwhelming, and what people may not realize is that the answers are just sitting around, waiting to be collected!

  Learn Over 50 ways to Earn Money by Recycling

  See Why Getting Paid to Recycle is Easy and Fun

  Information on Who Will Pay You to Recycle

  Explore Worthy Recycling and Fundraising Causes

  Case Studies Provide Real-World Examples of Success in Recycling Fundraising

  Bonus Tips on Ways to Save Money by Recycling

  Plus Lots More!

Who Can Use This eBook

Anyone of any age! Teachers, parents, teens, coaches, community leaders, non-profits…

With all the different types of fundraisers out there, it can be difficult to decide which ones are right for you or your group. This guide gets you started in the right direction!

Anyone that practices the mantra reduce, reuse and recycle can be an environmental steward, set an example for the entire commu­nity by reducing waste, and build a stronger community through recycling outreach.

This eBook was put together by the dedicated team of bloggers at, which provides tons of free and easy-to-read information for anyone interested in recycling, and is the culmination of years of expertise.

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Besides learning the inside scoop on how to make money recycling, you will also receive the bonus guide on How to Start a Recycling Drive, including:

 How to Organize Your Recycling Collection Efforts

Detailed Steps to Guide You on Starting Your Recycling Drive

Complete Walk-Through of the Recycling Collection Process, Start to Finish

Comprehensive Tips on Goal Setting and Recruiting More Organizers

Plus more…

This Book Pays for Itself!

Easily make up for the cost of this book ten times over (or more!) by following our guide.
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If you are not satisfied with the eBook after 30 Days, contact us and we’ll refund your money – that’s how confident we are is a resource that will help you gain ideas and information to help you earn extra cash by recycling.

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