Playing with Plarn: Recycle Plastic Bags

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An Interview With Eco Handbag Artist Cindy From

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As all the crafters out there know, yarn can get expensive. Why not use a material readily found for FREE? If you’ve got the time…

Plarn is yarn made out of plastic bags. There’s lots of stuff you can make from plarn. Handy tote bags are great for instance- make your own recycled grocery bags! But you can also make hats, aprons, jewelry such as earrings, or anything you can find (or create) a pattern for.

One such amazing crafter that specializes in using plarn is Cindy of I had a moment to speak with Cindy about plarn, recycling, and her awesome handmade bags.

Let me just say that the bags you make are beautiful! About how long does it take you to make one of your bags?

Each bag can differ but on average I would say that it takes 10-15 hours to make the plarn and crochet most bags.

Do you have a favorite bag that you’ve made?

I think my latest most favorite bag is this pink satchel. I created the pattern and was really happy with how it turned out.

Your website says you make bags out of different types of plastic bags- bread bags, thin newspaper bags, as well as regular grocery bags. You also make bags out of VHS and cassette tape. What is your favorite material to work with?

The regular old plastic grocery bags are the easiest to crochet with so they are my favorite but I love the newspaper bags as the colors are so unique and I can create such beautiful items with the colorful bags.

What does recycling mean to you?

Using trash items like plastic bags, VCR tape, denim from old jeans, cassette tapes, plastic bottles, and other junk to create something new, useful, and unique. I enjoy coming up with new ideas from old trash items and sharing the patterns and ideas free at my blog site. That’s really what I’m about recycled crafting — sharing and promoting the ideas with others.

What advice do you have for someone making plarn for the first time?

Take your time and you aren’t going to create a masterpiece the first time you craft something from plastic bags. It takes time and patience to create things. Remember it was trash so even if it’s not beautiful, it’s okay. You will master it as you go along.

In closing, I just want people to think outside the normal crafting box. What can you make from recycled materials? Don’t limit yourself. Can you crochet it, knit it, fuse it, spin it, repurpose it, sew it, or reuse it in some way to make a new and usable item? And upmost — have fun and enjoy!

Ready to get started yourself? Check out Cindy’s recommended plarn patterns, and here’s a great tutorial on making plarn.

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4 Responses to Playing with Plarn: Recycle Plastic Bags

  1. Lovely! I make plarn-projects every day, mostly because I sell them to make money for an orphanage in Malawi.
    Today I made a lovely sunhat for my daughter!
    You get hooked, don’t you?
    Start trying other materials, it’s fun!
    I introduced plarn-making to women in Cabo Verde, who earn a small living with it!!!

  2. I work in a public school in Braford and we have lots of flatten milk bags to give to anyone interested. I will
    deliver in the Barrie area.
    Thanks Janice

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