Don’t Hesitate, Donate!

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The Donate MovementHave you ever heard the expression Less is More? When you donate used goods, it makes a bigger difference for people in your community than you might know. On the one hand, you are getting rid of what you may consider clutter. But did you know that a donation of just some old mugs and CDs can provide someone over 30 minutes of resume preparation services?

Through the Donate Movement, powered by Goodwill, we are challenged to donate conscientiously and responsibly.

Check out the Impact Calculator, a great online tool to get an idea of what your donation is worth in terms of providing career counseling that opens doors for people that want to make changes in their lives. For example, find many profiles of people where donations have made a difference in their lives and finances.

There is even a counter on this site that depicts how many pounds of usable goods Goodwill has diverted from landfills. It’s more than a billion pounds and it keeps going up and up!

I donate because I know there are people out there that can use something even though I no longer do.The last time I moved, I got rid of nearly 4 bags of old clothes and items. It’s amazing how those things add up over the years- most of it inherited in the first place.

Look for the Donate tag on other blog posts that mention items that you can consider donating as a way to recycle.

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  1. I like to give,but I made the experience that in different countries not everybody likes to take used toys or whatever.Here in China they will not give something to strangers,they keep all in the family.If they need it or not does’nt matter.In my Country (Germany) is that complete different.

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