Where to Recycle Vacuum Cleaners

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We’ve covered a ton of national recycling programs, each one set up for different items, but all geared toward making the most of the stuff we use. Innovative recycling programs recognize there’s no need to send something useful to be buried in a landfill, and most of the time provide you with something more for recycling, whether it be cash, credit towards a purchase, or just the good feeling of participating. Now there’s a new way to recycle old vacuum cleaners of any brand, even if they’re broken! GoVacuum is willing to provide store credit for your new, old, functioning, or broken vacuum cleaner.

UPDATE March 2016: The Vac-Recycle redirects to the GoVacuum website with no information about recycling. As of this update, forevergreenrecycle.com accepts drop-offs Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm at their Lee Rd warehouse location in Virginia. They can also can recycle virtually anything else that uses a plug or is a hand held device. You may have to call around recycling centers near you to ask if they provide a similar service.

Previous information: If you’re looking for where to recycle vacuum cleaners, Vac-Recycle is a new website from GoVacuum that makes up for the the lack of recycling options for this common appliance. Usually people don’t realize they can recycle appliances, especially those with complex and mixed materials such as electronics, motors and plastics.

vacuum recyclingMost brands of vacuums will get you between $10 and $50 worth of credit, and visiting their site will give you an idea of what your vacuum is worth. The store credit issued can be used to purchase any item on the GoVacuum.com website, which includes new vacuums and/or accessories, air purifiers, and more. If you don’t care for store credit but you’re still into vacuum recycling, send them your machine and GoVacuum will ensure proper recycling.

Another great part of this program is the 99% no-landfill policy, so you can be sure that any part that can be recycled will be by their partner Forever Green Recycling. If the vacuum is fixable, GoVacuum will sanitize, service, and repair the vacuum cleaner to be resold on their outlet website or other marketplaces.

For every vacuum recycled, the company will also plant a tree in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest in the user’s name. If you live close to their Chantilly, Virginia, location, drop-off service is encouraged. Recycle your vacuum now!

In other vacuum news, consumer appliances maker Electrolux announced its plan to use discarded plastic found in the oceans to make vacuum cleaners. The company collected plastic through its Vac From The Sea project, a long-term sustainability project with the purpose to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our oceans and plastic waste. Electrolux’s Green devices save about two gallons of crude oil and 80 liters of water in the manufacturing process, and 90% less energy is needed to produce parts compared to the production of raw plastic.

What You Can Do

Help someone in need, find cool rewards, and recycle anything you can by exploring other National Recycling Programs for anything from carpet to makeup, wherever you live in the U.S.

Besides recycling vacuums, you can recycle many other appliances such as washing machines, stove top ranges, refrigerators, and freezers. They can all be recycled for metal and receive credit, incentives, and cash. Learn how to recycle appliances now.

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  1. […] buzz of our recycling effort is gaining momentum within the online community as well. With Recyclescene.com, Earthtechling.com, and Earth911.com leading the charge in getting the message out and informing […]

  2. The links you provide above to Govacuum.com and their vac-recycle program don’t seem to exist – all the links in your article go to vacuum.com and there doesn’t seem to be ANYTHING on their website about recycling vacuums. I tried calling them and no one answers. it appears that you, or your partnership with them, are simply taking us to their website to BUY a new vacuum, which is frustrating. Is there anywhere else you can point us to that will recycle vacuums? and can you please remove the above links unless it can take us directly to a page that provides information on how to recycle our vacuums? Thanks – much appreciated!

  3. Thank you for letting us know! The website redirects so it didn’t appear broken. We’ve updated the information.

  4. The site to which you refer is “REPAIR” – NOT RECYCLE. And by recycle I mean I don’t wish to have it repaired, nor buy another one. I simply wish to get rid of it in the best possible way. The motor works, but the rest of the vacuum is destroyed.

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