Wheelchair Recycling Programs Help Those in Need

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How to recycle wheelchairs
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Approximately 1 in every 100 people use wheelchairs. Thankfully, there are organizations hard at work recycling, refurbishing, repairing, custom-building and redistributing wheelchairs for those in need.

The cost for a new power wheelchair runs from $5k-25k or more so many people depend on wheelchair recycling programs if they have no insurance, need expensive maintenance on their wheelchair, or are waiting for equipment. Don’t let usable wheelchairs end up discarded in landfills or sitting in your garage. Consider one of these wheelchair recycling programs when you or a someone you know is in need of or wants to donate a wheelchair.

Why are wheelchair recycling programs important?

Many people around the United States and around the globe just aren’t financially able to have access to wheelchairs, but are in need of this simple transportation. Your donation of used equipment comes in very handy to support work that helps people with disabilities, and their families, find and get the tools they need for mobility.

Includes a directory of services and items for sale or items needed, and posting a classified ad is free, so you can search for a wheelchair anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

The Wheelchair Project
Acts as a matchmaker, uniting wheelchairs with those who need them.

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children
Provides medical equipment and refurbished wheelchairs to disabled people in the metro Atlanta area who could not otherwise afford it.

Tennessee Technology Access Project
(TTAP) is a statewide program designed to increase access to, and acquisition of, assistive technology devices and services through its core programs.

Wheelchair Recycler, Inc.
Developed their own power wheelchairs from recycled and available parts, and provide much needed equipment through recycling and refurbishing used electric power chairs and scooters.

IndependenceFirst Mobility Store
Founded to collect used mobility devices, refurbish them if needed and redistribute the devices to people who otherwise would not have access to needed or appropriate equipment.

Tips for Donating a Wheelchair

It’s an important practice to consider whether if an item might be creatively recycled or useful to someone else before throwing anything away, and wheelchairs in particular are items that are durable and easily reused.

  • As is recommended with most donations, these organizations generally request donated wheelchairs to be in usable condition.
  •  Be sure to check out each organization’s FAQ for specific donation details.
  • If you don’t live within range of one of the pickup or donation areas, take a moment to look into a local charity near you, or a local church or congregation to see if a wheelchair recycling program is available.
  • Donated wheelchairs are usually tax deductible.

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  2. Have electric wheel chairs and scooters that have been left behind by some of our residents. Would like a contact for someone who would come and get and be able to reuse or dispose of. We are Summit Point in Macedonia Ohio. Thank You.

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  4. I live in Winston Salem north Carolina and I have my mother’s power chair and it is collecting dust want to get rid of the chair it will move but the back wheels has no rubber on them because it has been sitting the rubbercame off the back wheels,just want to get rid of it if you can help send me a email

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